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Chinese medicine cosmetics bottle packaging market new blank spots
Many times we have mentioned the cosmetic bottle packaging market. Diaoyu Islands incident to the Japanese cosmetics sales in the domestic decline significantly, which gave up the domestic cosmetics companies to catch up with a usher in the occupation of
Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Three Characteristics Analysis of Future Packaging Trends
What is the future direction of the cosmetic bottle wrapping? I believe this is our cosmetics bottle manufacturers are now most concerned about and concern. Just to seize the market trend of the future, to enable enterprises to find a rapid growth of magi
Domestic cosmetics bottle packaging to take into account the
Now, the cosmetic bottle is packed in the appearance of fashion and chasing young people's aesthetic to do very successful. Many cosmetics companies know that their consumer groups are mainly young people, so are trying to close to the aesthetic of young
Online shopping cosmetics bottles tend to plastic packaging
In the traditional cosmetics bottle market, glass cosmetics bottles in the mall and the role of light in the container, the better reflect the high-end cosmetics demands. But the market is changing, the rapid development of e-commerce. Cosmetics online


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