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Chinese medicine cosmetics bottle packaging market new blank spots

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Many times we have mentioned the cosmetic bottle packaging market. Diaoyu Islands incident to the Japanese cosmetics sales in the domestic decline significantly, which gave up the domestic cosmetics companies to catch up with a usher in the occupation of market opportunities. Natural hall, affordable herbal and other outstanding achievements of the domestic cosmetics brand from the past is not the international cosmetics companies attention, has now let the international cosmetics companies have to consider the challenges facing the Chinese market. More people predict that the future of the global cosmetics market will occupy the market of Chinese medicine, not only in the country, in the international and domestic cosmetics have a lot of room for development.
In this regard, the past has been to export as the main direction of the cosmetic bottle business, there should be more forward-looking understanding. From the layout of our cosmetics bottle manufacturers can be seen, a large number of enterprises in Guangzhou, the United States Bo City set up booths to the international market as the primary goal. With the rise of domestic cosmetics companies and recognized by consumers, we believe that the focus on the domestic cosmetics bottle market enterprises are more able to get more opportunities in the future market. Many companies may think that cosmetics bottles in appearance and blowing technology are similar, so no need to open up the domestic market in advance. However, it is worth noting that the rise of Chinese medicine cosmetics market. Chinese medicine cosmetics bottle packaging in the material and appearance with the traditional cosmetic bottles have some differences, more Chinese elements, early layout will benefit the competition.


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