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Online shopping cosmetics bottles tend to plastic packaging

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In the traditional cosmetics bottle market, glass cosmetics bottles in the mall and the role of light in the container, the better reflect the high-end cosmetics demands. But the market is changing, the rapid development of e-commerce. Cosmetics online shopping market in recent years, unusually hot. On the traditional cosmetics market formed a shock, more cosmetics is not through the counter, but through the display of the network picture presented in the eyes of consumers. This also makes the cosmetic bottle packaging market began to quietly change.
For online shopping cosmetics bottle market, the plastic cosmetic bottle is more suitable, because online shopping cosmetics need to involve more complex than the counter cosmetics logistics environment. Counter cosmetics bottles are usually shipped in batches, and online shopping cosmetics bottles are usually a small amount of sent to the hands of consumers. Therefore, plastic cosmetic bottles are more suitable. At the same time, the cost of packaging plastic bottles compared to the glass bottles in the cost of greatly reduced, which for the cosmetics network business will be a huge cost savings, but also help to curb the current cosmetic bottle packaging constantly high-end luxury Wind, is conducive to saving social resources and guide the correct concept of cosmetics bottles packaging.
For manufacturers, especially plastic bottle manufacturers, plastic cosmetics bottles rely on online shopping market continues to grow and develop is a good opportunity.


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